Vi-CELL BLU Cell Analyzer Features

User-inspired design

When it was time to design the new Vi-CELL® BLU cell viability analyzer, we started by talking to customers. Vi-CELL BLU retains the functions and workflow of the Vi-CELL XR that users like and trust, while updating the technology, improving processing speed and making the new Vi-CELL BLU easier to use…all in an instrument with a smaller footprint.

Users told us what they want and we listened:

  • I want faster analysis and processing time.
  • Having a 96-well plate option will help our workflow… but we still want the option to use a carousel.
  • I want to be able to use any Vi-CELL in my lab and trust its answer.

The new V-CELL BLU meets these customer demands and more.

Cell Viability Vi-CELL BLU with carousel 

Small sample volume

Smaller sample volume means less cell depletion, letting you maintain your cell culture volume. Vi-CELL BLU requires a sample volume of only 200uL, less than half the volume required by the previous Vi-CELL XR model and lower than our competitors instruments.

Faster processing 

You asked for faster analysis and processing times. We answered.

Vi-CELL BLU processes samples faster because the images are captured while fluids are in motion.

Vi-CELL XR was already a fast automated cell counter. With the updated technology in Vi-CELL BLU, processing and analysis times are cut significantly. Choose from Normal mode—which includes full cleaning after processing—or FAST mode when cleaning isn’t required.

When using the 96-well option, Vi-CELL BLU saves over 1 hour of processing time compared to the previous XR instrument. Process in FAST mode and save nearly 2 hours.

Stronger instrument-to-instrument correlation

Each Vi-CELL BLU instrument is finely calibrated to ensure instrument-to-instrument comparability. With instrument-to-instrument variation less than +/- 10%, you can trust that your measurements will be accurate, no matter which Vi-CELL BLU instrument you turn to in your lab.

Designed for ease of use

Improved reagent pak

Users asked us to make loading the reagent easier. Now there’s no more handling tubes. With Vi-CELL BLU, just slide in the reagent pak and go.

The design of the Vi-CELL BLU reagent pak is improved, too. Self-contained, with 310 activities per kit, it includes an RFID chip to let you keep count of how many tests have been run, along with the lot number and expiration date.


The Vi-CELL BLU XR offers flexibility, allowing you to easily switch between the 96-well plate and carousel. Simply remove the carousel to access the plate holder.

Load and go

With Vi-CELL BLU, you can load your samples and walk away. With the instrument’s streamlined controls, your workflow remains the same:

  • - Load the sample
  • - Log in the sample
  • - Obtain your results

Single Use Control

The Vi-CELL BLU utilizes single use controls when calibrating. When changing cell sizes, drop the control in and run the calibration with:

  • - No mixing
  • - No pipetting
  • - No worrying about the last person to use the control

Calibration Controls


  • 2x10^6 (2M)
  • 4x10^6 (4M)
  • 1x10^7 (10M)


50% viability


10 micron NIST size beads

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